Recap a Lifetime

Past Present Future

Key Concepts Covered

Brian Bergman

Founder of Dance Awake

This course is a great way to recap the past, ground yourself in the present, and explore the potential of manifesting a more grace filled future. The process is somatic and visceral rather than an intellectual experience and the body may surprise you as to what it considers important.

Course Description

Three conscious dance practices each delving into a part of a lifetime. Exploring the moment before birth to the moment after death, and grounding deeply in the present moment. 


An incredibly insightful and useful experience

This course went far deeper than I ever imagined it would and brought me a deeper understanding about my life thus far.  It got me dreaming about the future, but most impressively taught me how both the past and the future all come out of this present moment. I would highly recommend the process. It was a great way to take stock of my life and where I’m at right now. 

Nicholas Scott

Course Details

PAST PRESENT FUTURE – a process of recapitulation, through movement, of an entire lifetime.  From just before you were born until just after your death. The main focus is the present moment where the past and future are shaped. 

Combining conscious dance with a little meditation, deep relaxation and mindfulness we aim to recap our life, discover where we are at and feel into the future, exploring our vision.  Consisting of three one and a half hour practices, each one focusing on a specific time period of life.
The aim is allow the body to unearth wisdom and insight into our life. How to live it with presence and awareness. This gives us the ability to influence this present moment and help shape a more graceful future life. Then at the end we can look back into the past knowing we followed our own vision and not our fears or other peoples ideas.
The ultimate aim is to empower us in this present moment. 

Class Duration

Three ± 1.5 hour practices

Course Price

ZAR 320 (Approx $20 USD)

Course Level

All Levels


Includes a brief introduction and three  ±1.5 hour guided conscious dance practices with music. They can be done in your own time and repeated for deeper insight. 

This course is complimented by the Introduction to Dance Awake course and the Embodied Vision Course.  

Key Features

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