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Frequently Asked Questions

Awake Human Being has two academy portals. This is the .org platform. Here content is available to purchase one at a time. The advantage of the .org page is you can choose to just do courses based on your personal interest.  The academy gives you access to all the content on a subscription basis and follows a syllabus.  One systematically studies all the content over time. The .com page is for people who wish to study the entire system as a daily practice. Please visit for more information as well as great blog articles on the course topics. 

Everybody can do the courses. You do not need any experience, or to know how to dance, or to be in good shape, or look a certain way. The practices are for every one. The courses are universal and non-dogmatic. They do not preach or prescribe to any religion. 

Please contact us if you are unable to afford the course material. We do not want anyone to be excluded from the benefits due to financial constraints. Students and school learners please feel free to contact us for access. 

There are many benefits that one will experience with regular practice of the course material, including physical health, emotional stability and mental well being. The main benefit is that the practices are self empowering providing students with a means of discovering their own creative potential and understand their own nature. 

One need only apply common sense but unless otherwise mentioned these practices are safe for people of all ages.  Although in many instances they have been shown to of great benefit they are not meant to be used as treatment for any physical or mental ailments. 


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