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Brian Bergman (@awakehumanbeing) holds Dance Awake drop-in classes at Claremont Civic Centre every Thursday from 18.30-20.45.

This is a drop in event. You can either book a ticket here or at the door.

Warmup starts at 18:30, followed by a short meditation, then continues into the dance journey. The purpose is to offer a solid foundation of awareness to move from. Respectful men and women, their own movements sensitive to every other in the space. Sometimes eyes closed and inner vision open. Sometimes eyes open in refinement of the dance.  Conversing without words but with the language of the body. Moving and Present.

The appeal again for sincere dancers, who wish to use the time in a deep exploration of the mystery of Being a Human. And not as a party.
If this feels like you, then please join us.

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Dance Awake Thursday Classes

I will be guiding a deep exploration into our Self,  through these looooong classes of integral yoga. Including focusing, postures and movement, breathing practices, deep relaxation, and meditation. The focus of the class is to explore the breath as bridge between the many dimensions we inhabit. The class gradually brings us deeper and deeper into the stillness within and will have many very positive effects to your overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Each class is standalone, but I recommend attending the whole series as each week builds on the previous. I promise it won’t be anything short of profound. A wonderful opportunity to explore, process, and discover. 

Breathing Human Yoga Class

Click here for information on the upcoming group training in August 2021 and ongoing dates online. 

Dance Awake Facilitator Training


Awake Human Being Retreat

Click here for more information on the upcoming silent conscious dance and mindfulness retreat. September the 27th to 3rd October 2021