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Our Most Popular Courses


Introduction to Dance Awake

All you need to practice conscious dance anywhere!


Embodied Vision

Discover and move with vision in your life.


Five Primary Movements

Rediscover movement! Using the first 5 movement strategies we learn as a newborn.

Free Practice

Moving Witness Practice

A 20 minute movement practice exploring the witnessing awareness


Living Room Dances 101 – Curiosity

6 dance classes in which we become curious about discovering movement and dance.


Living Room Dances 102 – Styles

Explore how holding awareness in a specific movement mode gives rise to a unique style of moving.


The Five Sheaths

Explore the 5 sheaths of our human body through dance, meditation, relaxation and mindfulness.


Living Room Dances 103 – New Moves

Don't get stuck in a groove. Explore new moves!


Meditation & Mindfulness 101 – Body Stillness

Introducing mindfulness and meditation. Master the Body Stillness meditation practice. The foundation for all other meditation practice.


Meditation & Mindfulness 102 – Inner Stillness

A technique that helps explore the mind, manage thought, and ultimately achieve a state of inner stillness.


Body Awareness 101 – Dimensions

The Body Awareness Dances are based on the map of the 5 dimensions of the human body. Five 15-18 minute practices explore the dimensions whilst in movement.


Moving Breath

Explore your breath through conscious dance and discover what a powerful tool it can be to enhance your being.


Body Awareness 102 – Equanimity

The Body Awareness Dances are based on the map of the 5 dimensions of the human body. These Five 15-18 minute practices explore moving with equanimity within dimensions.


Body Awareness 103 – Body Parts

This Body Awareness course focuses down on the physical dimension and explores body parts in movement. A great way to explore new movement in the body.


Elemental Awareness 101 – Building Blocks

Discover the movement of the elements. The building blocks of our body.


Elemental Awareness 102 – The 5 Senses

Explore the senses associated with each element through these 5 short dances.


Elemental Awareness 103 – Qualities 1

Explore qualities of each element through the moving body.


Elemental Awareness 104 – Qualities 2

Further exploration of the elements and their qualities through movement.


Body Awareness 104 – Breathing

Get closer to your breath! Explore breath and movement in each of the five dimensions of awareness.


Living Room Dances 104 – Moving Breath

Get intimate with your breath!

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