Mindfulness & Meditation 102

Inner Stillness

Key Concepts Covered in this Course

Brian Bergman

Founder of Dance Awake

Inner stillness is simple and profound practice that not only will help one develop in meditation but also serve as a means to manage ones own mind. Without suppression or bypassing. The technique will help one become less prone to the ever changing ups and downs of our mind. 

Course Description

A profound meditation technique that is also a practice of mind management. Inner Stillness enables one to examine the mind and become ones own ‘therapist.’ 


Friendly to myself.

For many years I thought meditation was about stopping thoughts and I thought I could never do it. This course taught me not to try stop thinking. Rather observe my thoughts without reaction. It was an incredible flip and I have become a lot more friendly to myself since. 

Steven Teasdale

Course Details

When the mind is silent and peaceful it becomes very powerful. It can become a receptor of bliss and wisdom enabling life to become a spontaneous flow and expression of joy and harmony. However…this inner silence cannot arise while there is a continual stream of disturbing thoughts and emotions. All this inner noise of thoughts and emotions has to be removed before one can truly experience the soundless sound of inner silence.
— Swami Satyananda Saraswati

This course includes two mindfulness practices to cultivate awareness and  five progressive guided meditation recordings exploring the technique of Inner Stillness. Theory and practice included. 

Course Duration

Suggested time 3 months of regular practice.

Course Price

ZAR 400 (Approx $23USD)

Course Level

All levels. Ideally do Body Stillness course first.

Course Description

Peace, bliss, harmony. Who is able to experience these states? So many people these days are struggling with their own minds. Influenced by their conditionings, and overwhelmed by the pressures of day to day living in today’s increasingly stressful society, they are full of mental tensions, which manifest as anxiety, nervousness, guilt, lack of self-confidence, loneliness, fear, obsessions and phobias.

Inner Stillness is a practice that helps one manage the mind and open up to the possibility of experiencing deeper states of being. 

Key Features