Explore Your Human Being

Fine Classes & Courses in the art and discipline of Conscious Dance, Embodied Movement, Mindfulness, Breath Work, Relaxation, Meditation, and Presence.

Systematic Training

A progressive and complete system of Self study.

Embodied Experience

Embodied exploration of Known and Unknown aspects of Being.


Well Being. Enhanced Creativity. Awakened Human Potential.

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Our Most Popular Courses


Introduction to Dance Awake

All you need to practice conscious dance anywhere!


Embodied Vision

Discover and move with vision in your life.


Five Primary Movements

Rediscover movement! Using the first 5 movement strategies we learn as a newborn.


Living Room Dances 101 – Curiosity

6 dance classes in which we become curious about discovering movement and dance.


The Five Sheaths

Explore the 5 sheaths of our human body through dance, meditation, relaxation and mindfulness.


Meditation & Mindfulness 101 – Body Stillness

Introducing mindfulness and meditation. Master the Body Stillness meditation practice. The foundation for all other meditation practice.


Body Awareness 101 – Dimensions

The Body Awareness Dances are based on the map of the 5 dimensions of the human body. Five 15-18 minute practices explore the dimensions whilst in movement.


Moving Breath

Explore your breath through conscious dance and discover what a powerful tool it can be to enhance your being.


Elemental Awareness 101 – Building Blocks

Discover the movement of the elements. The building blocks of our body.


Past Present Future

Recap your past, ground in your present and feel into your future through movement. A great way to take stock and re-orient your life.


Moving Breath: Elemental

Using breath and conscious dance as a means to experience the elements within your own Being.


Soul Land

Expeditions into Soul Land. Inspired by the teachings of Ram Dass.

Powerful practices and tools to help you navigate & explore life.

Brian Bergman - Founder

Awake Human Being offers a complete holistic approach to Being Human. Practices that will equip you with skills to manage your body, mind, emotions, and feelings. As well as awaken the dormant potential, strength and creativity within. 

Dance Awake is a conscious dance or mindful movement modality that aims at expanding awareness into all dimension of the human experience. It is a complete system of self study. No dance experience of any kind is needed to practice it. 

The practices are not an escape from life. They won’t take your problems away. They will connect you more deeply to all aspects of life and help you move with grace through the inevitable challenges and difficulties we face as humans personally and collectively.

The natural expression of an Awake Human Being is compassion, empathy, tolerance, understanding and selflessness. They are dynamic, creative people with strong will and ability to become focused and one pointed in their vision. Able to hear and then adapt to the needs of their present reality. Remaining relaxed and focused in the midst of change and stress, they find ways to thrive in any space. Seekers, constantly striving to understand themselves and life.  Understanding that the more they discover, the less they actually know.  Many times they get all of the above wrong, make mistakes, err as humans, yet learning. Each failure a stepping stone to success.  Continuing on the Path. Helping where they can.